Solid Silver cryo phono interconnects 1m 99.99% pure

Solid Silver cryo phono interconnects 1m 99.99% pure
I have been trying to come up with the ultimate solution for Phono connections on my Hi-Fi and i think i have done it. SOLID PURE SILVER WIRE AND TEFLON/AIR INSULATION. These have now been further improved with Cryo treatment. You can spend thousands on a Hi-Fi set up, spending hours in expensive shops trying CD players, Amps and Turntables, and then most people hook their equipment up with either cheap connections, over priced copper core connectors or spend hundreds on high end connectors. Well those times are gone for good! I set out to produce a top quality cable that doesnt cost the earth, and i have created just such a cable. I have trialled the cable on my (now vintage) Rotel pre and power amps with a Marantz CD67KI CD player and a Linn turntable. The difference that these cables made was huge. Bass is lovely and deep, and the detailing on instruments and voice is simply superb. I then gave a set to a friend of mine who is seriously into his Hi-Fi, and he trialled it on his Meridian CD player matched to KRELL integrated amp. I dont know what cables he was running, however he has refused to give the ones i lent him back!! I have used only the finest materials available, sourcing 99.99% pure silver wire, Slightly oversize PTFE (teflon) tubing (allowing an air dialectric), High quality gold plated NEUTRIK RCA plugs. The covering is heatshrink to tidy the whole cable up. I also used lead free 4% silver solder to make the connections. I constructed the cabe as follows. 0.5mm pure silver wire for the signal wire (+ve), 0.5mm pure silver wire for the return wire (-ve) and 99.99 ofc wire for the screening. The silver wire was first cleaned with silver cleaner to remove any oxides which may have formed. +ve and -ve were threaded into PTFE tube to eliminate any interference, however the screening wire just has standard shrinkwrap you dont want this in PTFE as it will not then perform its function which is to drain out RFI (radio frequency interference). The 3 wires were then braided together in a LITZ (litzendraht) pattern by hand. Litz wire is made by crossing the outside left wire over the centre wire to, in turn become the centre wire. The right hand wire is the crossed over the new centre wire to, in its turn become the centre wire, ensuring that all wires are equally distibuted along the length of the cable. Although time consuming, the benefits far outweigh the time spent and braiding by hand ensures that the braid is not too tight and also allowing the cable to remain flexible. The whole aim of this method is to construct a cable which repels RF INTERFERENCE. This interference caused the signal to degrade and as such the listeneing experience suffers. Once braided, a heatshrink section was then shrunk over the whole bundle to tidy it up. One end of the cable then had the -ve and the screening cable soldered to the -ve (earth) part of the plug and the +ve to the centre pin. This is the SOURCE end. A sleeve is added to the wire to indicate the signal direction. The other end was the same except that the screen wire was cut short so that it did not connect at this end. This end is the DESTINATION end. You always want RFI going back to the source (ususally a CD Player) nor the destination (Amp) so it does not colour the signals in the amp. Finally, the cable clamp that comes with the teminations is clipped over and the whole end is screwed into place. Each Pair have been electrically tested to ensure that they are of the high quality that you would expect, however when you connect them to your system, the cables will continue to improve for up to 100 hours. The pairs are then sent to a top quality cryo treatment company. I wont pretend to know how it works but it does. Basically, cryogenic freezing aligns all the metal molecules in the silver, terminations and solder, further increasing the ease of flow of the signal (in laymens terms). It makes this already high end cable sound even better than it already was. The pair will come with a certificate showing that they have been treated. Longer lengths can be supplied if required and different terminations (ie different rcas or xlr etc) can be used. I can make as many of these as you require. I usually overlap my listings by a couple of hours. Contact me for details. Ring me if you require any further info on 01373826587. I cant say fairer than that, this is a no risk offer! These will beat any offerings, in my opinion from companies such as Chord, Van Den Hul, isotek, Russ Andrews, QED, Nordost, Ecosse and any of the others. Have a look for peace of mind, the latest are below. I needed a new tonearm cable or my Linn turntable and decided to try a silver cable on the recommendation of a fellow enthusiast. I saw Johns advert and promptly took the plunge. Within a few days it was clear that this was the way forward as the clarity and detail unfolded and continued to improve at a rate of knots. My whole system had comprised of Van Den Hul cables which I paid a small fortune for and was always impressed with, however I felt that my system was capable of more. I contacted John and had some 0.5m RCAs made up to go from my Tom Evans Phono to my Bladelius Pre. Another big improvement began to emerge. At that time I had borrowed a friends Lumley silver Reference speaker cable and was blown away by the change in my system, punchy clear soundstage, and superb dynamics. I asked John if he could manufacture a set for me using his materials and processes, he obliged. There was only two pieces of the puzzle left and those were the XLR interconnects between pre and power and CD and pre. I ordered a set and within a week it sounded like a completely different system, probably adding a good few quid to the value. I regularly spoke with John during all of these upgrades, a very knowledgeable and extremely helpful guy. All I can say is that I will be recommending his work to all my fellow enthusiasts. If you feel your cables are letting you down give him a call, you will be amazed at the difference his cables will make to your system(s). Now these really do what was promised great value. Absolutely stunning – have been looking for something like this for 25 years. Ordered a custom length. Terrific product coupled with a first class service. Just wanted to give some feedback to you about your cables. I have never tried a silver interconnect before and I was a little wary, because, although my system is pretty good, it is not the warmest. I had been advised to go down the copper road, which I tried with very pleasing results but there was still something lacking. I plugged in, turned on – Oh no, an overdose of top end and I nearly unplugged. I was gutted and thought my system would never be able to produce the sound I was after. Oh well, as the cable was here and I knew it would probably improve with burn in time, I left it playing Wagner’s “Der Ring” and went out. When I came back, I could not believe my ears. I sat for at least an hour listening with my mouth open. I was no longer listening to Hifi, but, music that was alive. I was only listening to MP3! Hifi can get in the way of the music sometimes (if you know what I mean). Your cable has opened the floodgate to music. Everything in my system is second hand, bought at a fraction of new price, except the Caiman DAC. If I could have bought this cable second hand, I would have, but, who is ever going to part with one of these! You could save yourself a fortune. The leads are burned in, and they sound wonderful. Will be back for more soon! Item as described, prompt posting, great service! SUPERB PRO’ CABLES FROM A TOP EBAYER. Thanks for the extra work. Nice item promptly delivered- will order another one fairly soon recommended. Excellent product and service. Returning customer because there worth it! SUPER ITEMS FROM A TOP EBAYER, WHO KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO TREAT BUYERS. These are e-mails i have had from customers who have ordered several products from me at different times. Just wanted to say your cables have been a revelation. I have previously tried all sorts of interconnects including a Van den Hul and there is just no comparison with yours. I play in a brass band and playing back music I can now identify all instruments much more easily, for example, the clarity of a cymbal is definitely the best I have ever heard coming from my speakers. Just wanted to say many thanks and I will let a few friends know too, Allan. John, just had one of my “daft about HiFi” mates round for a coffee and let him hear system before and after your cables, he is impressed too. Thanks very much for the great service. The interconnects are outstanding, I can’t believe the amount of information they retrieve. There is no colouration at all and the accuracy is pin-point. I won’t need to look any longer. Ps I’m more than happy for you to use any of these comments in your future listings if you wish Thanks again Mark. I must admit they are a marked improvement on the Atlases, its a bit like the sonic equivelant of cleaning your glasses (if you wear them – I do) and seeing everything clear, crisp and defined. Its a great product and great value and just goes to show that a big fat cable doesn’t always guarantee quality! And monster speaker leads with OFC and 1 plated strand to hundreds of strands. I thought that nothing would make any better sound, just different. Until I came across John who had done all the research and bought the expensive components and put them together in the right way to make a truly exceptional product. These custom made interconnects make my system sound so punchy and alive rather than just shift the bias from bass to treble or viceversa like coax style leads. Johns leads made the bass and midrange as tight and clear as I could ever imagine, while the treble remained prominent but not over emphasised. The speaker leads are so thin compared to most ugly heavy brutes, I could not believe how the bass of my Dali Helicons just punched out at full volume and the treble was so clear. I did not need to do any tedious back and forth checking to see if I could hear any difference beween the previous leads, since after hooking up the the sound was so amazing there was just no point. I could not imagine that any other lead would improve on these. The best bit is that John will make your leads the exact length you need. So you can have 0.5m or shorter phono leads, so no useless draped wires tangling up and laying next to other cables. Or you can have an extra long cable if your record deck is remotely sited. The speaker leads can be made to exact length so again no over long coils or just too short if speakers are offset. John is not a fancy named company charging the earth for ugly big leads with fancy printed sleeving and packaging. He is an enthusiast who has done his research and now wants to share it with you, and not overcharge, but offer his product at an honest price. John, I got the cables today. You’ve done a great job. Firstly I tried the XLR ones and noticed it was clearer but the burn in period is not achieved at all and there was more precision in the whole range and a better scene distribution. Then I tried the RCA connections from the OPAMP’s output and was almost scotched to the wall as I gained 1 to 2 dB’s and I noticed that the frequency range has extended to the top while the bottom was more precise. On Oscar Peterson Trio’s We get Requests, I clearly see the drummer using his brushes and can even hear the breathing of Oscar in some lower passages; the upright is now in the room and not between the speakers on the right side. Then I put Rush’s Moving Pictures and wow the bass (that is not well defined) is here and I can see Geddy playing and smiling, I also noticed the great work on the cymbals and Alex has never sounded so (well) transitored (remember he is using a GK). On tube output : dynamic is perfect. The comparison was made with W&M pure OCC cables (RCA and XLR) and with Transparent MusicLink Plus (RCA only). The item “Solid Silver cryo phono interconnects 1m 99.99% pure” is in sale since Tuesday, February 19, 2019. This item is in the category “Sound & Vision\TV & Home Audio Accessories\Audio Cables & Adapters”. The seller is “johnandchris1″ and is located in Westbury. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Cable
  • Cable Length: 1m
  • MPN: RCA1m
  • Connector A: RCA/Phono Male
  • Modified Item: No
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Brand: Westbury Audio

Solid Silver cryo phono interconnects 1m 99.99% pure