SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant
SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant
SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant
SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant
SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant

SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant
This listing is for a very unique natural Star Garnet oval cabochon sterling silver pendant. Don’t think that the affordable price means that these are inferior quality, I use only genuine natural gems. I’m so excited to make rare gems into jewelry so that everyone can own something truly special. The stone used is a genuine natural earth-mined Rhodolite Star Garnet. What an amazing find! This is a really rare gemstone and is a truly beautiful deep purple-maroon red with white star rays. This super unique gem is actually a naturally occurring Star Garnet. Star Garnet’s are only found in two places in the world, Idaho USA and India which is one thing that makes them uncommon. The other thing that makes it very rare is that it has a 6-rayed star that can be easily seen in light. The vast majority of Star Garnets only display a 4-rayed star so this is certainly a very special gem. It is also a really large stone at a whopping 83 carats! It is perfectly suited to make a really unique and unusual one-of-a-kind pendant. This amazing gem has been set with a solid 925 hallmarked sterling silver bail. It’s a very trendy style that is a unisex design which anyone can wear and comes with a leather choker included (not seen in photos). This was set by myself and I use nothing but genuine natural stones and findings. It is truly a one of a kind piece as I won’t be making another like it again – don’t miss out! I hope someone out there will adopt it, it deserves to go to a good home! Thank you for browsing! Star garnet is an unusual form of garnet. Asterism (the star effect) is associated mostly with star sapphire and star ruby. Actually there are other gemstones that can also exhibit this effect, though specimens are fairly rare. The other star gems include moonstone, quartz, spinel, citrine, diopside, emerald, chrysoberyl and beryl. Star garnets are so rare that to date they have only been found in two places in the world; in the state of Idaho in the USA and in India. The garnet varieties that occasionally exhibit asterism are almandine and a mixture of almandine and pyrope garnet. Star garnet gemstones are usually opaque and deep brownish-red or reddish-black. Like all star gems, the star effect is caused by inclusions of rutile. In order to display the star effect, the rutile needles must have the correct alignment to reflect light in a pattern forming a multi-rayed star. Star Garnet Gem Rough. Most star garnets display a 4-rayed star, but 6-rayed stars are sometimes seen. Some gemstone dealers claim that only the Idaho star garnets ever display a 6-rayed star, but this claim is difficult to verify since specimens with 6-rayed stars are very rare. The people of Idaho are so proud of their star garnet deposits that star garnet has been declared the state gemstone. Star garnets are mined in Northern Idaho in a region that is northeast of Moscow and southeast of Coeur d’Alene. The star effect in most star garnet gemstones is subtle and requires the correct lighting to be seen clearly. The best lighting is direct sunlight. However, a light source such as a narrow beam halogen spotlight or small flashlight will also work. The star is best seen by standing directly above the stone and looking straight down. The magic is in the details, and these star garnet spheres are a beautiful reflection of that! These star garnet spheres are super gemmy, deeply rich in color, and each one features its own brilliant star cabochon that reveals itself when held in the light. Garnet is spiritually healing, grounding, and centering and also sparks romance, love, and passion. Its dark red and merlot colors will make a juicy addition to any sacred space or altar. Work with your sphere to infuse yourself with its protective energy and reinvigorate the vitality within you. Garnet is a grounding and protective stone that will open and activate your Root Chakra. Its also a stone of passion, vitality, and fertility and will help reawaken your lust for life and desire for personal progress. Garnets magical energies and properties are sent out in all directions when its made in the shape of a sphere. Garnet also has a sweet history when it comes to love in ancient times it was often given as a gift to show affection and to ensure a reunion with loved ones. Garnet has been used as a powerful talisman throughout history. Kings, queens, and warriors have worn garnet in their royal adornments and breastplates, believing it to provide them with stability and protection. Please also understand that it is not in my best interest to be dishonest about an item’s appearance, colour, or condition so I would gain absolutely nothing by lying about an item’s appearance in any way. I will solve them! I endeavour to answer all messages within 48 hours. Please inform me by adding a note specifically at checkout when paying. Or choose the Express post option. Once I have posted your order on time. So I sincerely suggest you use the Express post option. Therefore your parcel may take longer to arrive through no fault of my own as I have no control over the arrival date once posted. I have been collecting and wearing them for more than 25 years – gems & jewels are a true passion for me! I have only just begun to build my own ” Gem-pire” to share the jewellery I love to create. For me jewellery is all about the gemstone! I take great care and pride in creating simple, stylish & modern pieces that celebrate the stone itself. I’m the sort of person who wants to own a little piece of everything. I particularly love sourcing unusual and rare semiprecious and precious gems that can often be very expensive or uncommon, and then create jewelry so that everyone can own something truly special and unique! Don’t be put off by my affordable prices, it is extremely important to me that I use only the best natural stones & solid sterling silver findings – I test all diamonds and acid test all silver to ensure that what I sell is genuine. Everything I make is hypoallergenic too – I use genuine 92.5% sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, or a UV protective coating so that even people with metal allergies or sensitive skin like myself can wear them also. I take great pride and care in choosing my crystals and gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Please let me know if you would like any gems or sizes in particular as I can do custom orders and I’d love any suggestions or feedback. Your happiness is my greatest reward! All my items are sent using Australia Post service and I offer Standard. Choosing Registered or Express post includes tracking and ensures that you have peace of mind. Any overseas buyers who would like to track their order may choose that option at checkout when paying for your item for an additional cost. Some of the photos are only sample shots of a particular item as I sometimes have more than one in stock, so the photos are indications of what it looks like. Because I’m using natural gemstones there will always be differences in the gems, as each one is unique. Many of the natural gemstones that I sell will have inclusions in them which I personally really like to see. Even with today’s technology inclusions are actually not able to be faked so I tend to regard them as being just as good as an authenticity certificate! The photos that I upload are also part of the items description. I take photos under different lighting conditions wherever possible to get the most accurate description of the items, but there may be some differences in colour or shade. If I haven’t heard from you after a week an unpaid item case will be filed. This will be stated in an item’s listing information. The item “SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant” is in sale since Monday, June 15, 2020. This item is in the category “Jewellery & Watches\Fine Jewellery\Necklaces & Pendants”. The seller is “loveandgempathy” and is located in Blackwood, SA. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Main Stone Creation: Natural
  • Style: Pendant
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Total Carat Weight (TCW): 82.66 Cts.
  • Main Stone: Rhodolite Garnet
  • Brand: Love & Gempathy
  • Modified Item: No
  • Main Stone Treatment: Not Enhanced
  • Cut: Oval Cabochon
  • Clarity: Opaque
  • Metal Purity: 925 parts per 1000
  • Product Type: Necklaces & Pendants
  • Main Stone Colour: Purple-Red
  • Garnet Variety: Star Garnet
  • Stone Size: 10.7 x 22.5 x 30.6mm

SUPER RARE! Huge natural 6-ray Star Garnet 83ct cabochon solid silver pendant